[HijabMylfs] Liv Revamped (The Only Way To Please Our Guest / 06.11.2024)

Liv and Jack are expecting a guest – Jack’s brother, Ken! Liv is nervous, as it turns out she’ll need to be alone with Ken for some time. She’s worried about being alone with another man – especially one as handsome and charming as Ken. Jack consoles his wife and tells her he wants her to treat Jack the same way he treats him – he’s family, after all! Jack admits to Liv that things could be better financially and that they’ll both need to do whatever it takes to get by. Ken knows of their financial woes and wants to help. But his help comes with some fun, as he wants to explore Liv’s body. The shy and conservative milf is shocked. She doesn’t know if she can betray her husband in such a way, but Ken assures her this is what Jack wants. Liv gives in to the kinky desires, letting herself be free sexually and doing all sorts of naughty things with Ken’s dick. He fucks her like her husband hasn’t in a long time, and she can feel her restrictive lifestyle melting away. When he can’t hold his load any longer, he shoots his load into Liv’s mouth. She sucks the head of his dick and slurps every drop of cum she can.

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