[GirlsWay] Madison Morgan, Nicole Aria (Wet On A Work Call / 06.16.2024)

Madison Morgan is busy working on her laptop when her girlfriend, Nicole Aria, strolls in and puts her hands sensually on Madison’s shoulders. Nicole’s feeling a bit frisky and wonders if Madison would like to take a break from the grind and have a little fun. Madison’s got a work call in a half hour, so she counters that perhaps this isn’t the best time… But Nicole is persistent, and Madison can hardly resist her girlfriend’s persuasive charms. They start fucking, thinking that they’ll certainly have enough time before Madison’s work meeting. Madison and Nicole have so much fun, that Nicole ends up squirting all over Madison! As fun as it is for Morgan to get drenched in her girlfriend’s pussy juices, it could NOT have come at a worse time. Madison’s video call got moved up, so it’s actually starting NOW. With no time to clean herself up, Madison hops onto her video call, making various excuses for her dripping appearance. But Nicole isn’t done with her yet and decides that this might be the perfect time to pick up where they left off… by sneaking her tongue between Madison’s legs while Madison tries desperately to navigate her conference call. Let’s hope her colleagues don’t find out!

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