[FutaWorld] Lauren Phillips, Chloe Surreal, Hailey Rose (Dick’s Diner / 06.17.2024)

Two futanari women, Chloe Surreal and Hailey Rose, have decided to check out a new spot that’s opened up in their neighborhood, Dick’s Diner. As they saunter in, the hot futa waitress, Lauren Phillips, offers them some menus, sending them a flirty grin. This turns Chloe on a bit, so she tries to get frisky with Hailey, but Hailey isn’t so keen on fooling around in such a public space. Luckily for Chloe, however… Lauren is more than willing to satisfy her thirst. Chloe sneaks behind the diner’s promotional banner and starts fucking Lauren from behind, loving how her massive cock feels inside Lauren’s pussy. But when Hailey catches wind of what’s going on, she wants in on the action too! A futanari threesome erupts in the diner, with all three of their thick cocks getting serviced in the most delicious way possible in an explosive cum-filled experience unlike any other.

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