[FamilyStrokes] Alex Kane, Gracie Gates (No Explanation Needed / 06.20.2024)

Ryan has the hots for his sister-in-law, Alex. His marriage with Gracie has become routine, and the sparks of excitement are gone. But when he looks at Alex, he feels lust surging through his veins again. Gracie thinks Alex is a slut and is tired of seeing skimpy pictures of her online. Things take an odd turn when Alex stays with Ryan and Gracie at their home. Ryan feels his immense lust for Alex culminating, and he can’t help but check her out. When Alex takes a shower and notices Ryan watching, she doesn’t stop – she likes his watchful eyes and knows he’s horny for her. Alex gives Ryan what he wants and approaches him, letting him caress her perfect naked body. They get right to fucking, as who knows how long they’ll have before Gracie returns. However, Gracie does come home early, as though she knew to do so all along. She catches her husband and her stepsister going at it, but she isn’t angry – she wants in on the fun. Now, the threesome kicks off, and it’s the most intense sex any of them have had. Alex and Gracie look perfect together, and their bond as stepsisters shines. Ryan fucks both babes with everything he’s got, making sure not to cum early. The chicks lez out on each other, eating each other’s pussies and loving on each other’s fantastic tits. When Ryan can’t hold it in any longer, he busts hard and shoots out a hot, creamy mess. He cums for the chicks, and they share a dirty cummy kiss, sealing their bond as kinky stepsisters forever.

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