[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Jewel (Wake Up F1LTHY / 06.14.2024)


Grab your hard cocks boys or hold onto your pussy’s ladies because we have a rollercoaster of a fun ride for everyone. Meet 23-year-old Jewel and this ex fashion model is gorgeous. It’s her first time doing anything naughty on camera and what a first time it was. Jewel’s going to be popular and she reminds me of another super popular ExCoGi girl named Andria and these two visions of perfection could be sisters and what a kinky fuck session that would be. So as we get to know Jewel we find out she’s very sexual. Started masturbating and had her first orgasm at nine, and we all know that masturbation is the gateway drug to intercourse because Jewel lost her virginity at 14 early in the morning before grade-school classes started. It was a little bit of an awkward experience she admitted but once it was over she realized just how much she loved sex and quickly became addicted and wanted to fuck all the boys in school, and that my friends is how Jewel discovered her clitoris, and shortly thereafter she was off to the “hard cocks inside me” race. We don’t blame you girl and today is going to be way the fuck up there on the best sexual experiences of my life rankings because we shattered and nearly doubled her Orgasm record. Pretty great day and this super hot as fuck ex-model’s first sex on camera is what wet dreams are made of. Try not to cum early and with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers.
Orgasm Count Total – 10 (22:49, 32:15, 34:07, 35:58, 39:19, 55:37, 56:56, 1:05:06, 1:19:47, 1:25:52)
Today’s Outstanding Quotes:
Jewel – “Start slow and then manhandle me in a light way. ” (3:14)
Jewel – “I like getting my hair pulled pretty hard. ” (3:27)
Jewel – “When I was 17 I got my first vibrator, and that was a game changer. ” (10:57)
Jewel – “I just got fucked so good. My pussy is throbbing. I’m in pure bliss right now, and now I’m going to go shower all this cum off my face, happily. ” (1:35:53)
P.S. Jewel is special and if you have any doubts that this hot as fuck gal is girlfriend or wife material then watch in amazement at (45:40) as she forces her own head up off the bed and full throttle gags herself as Tyler in superman position hovers himself over her and with the full force of his weight dick punches her throat. Wow! And if you thought the show was over it wasn’t as you see her gagging and spits up some saliva and then somehow composes a gulp of air and then as if inhaling Tyler’s cock was a life or death issue lefts her head off the bed and once more takes more dick punching and HOLY FUCK!!! How do we clone you girl? We love you and everyone wants more.

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