[ExCoGiGirls] Bella, Eve (I Like Girls Now / 06.14.2024)


Today we’re graced with a newbie’s first taste of pussy and how sweet it is to taste the forbidden fruit. Now if you’re also a fan of newbie’s taking dick on camera for the first time and a fan of exploitedcollegegirls.com then you’ve seen Eve go From Ivy League to ExCoGi Grad and what a graduate of taking dick she is. So now it’s time for her introduction to slit licking 101 and even though the first time jitters aren’t overtaking her things are a bit awkward at first since Eve’s never seen a naked girl’s body, let alone a gorgeous pussy like Bella’s up close and personal. It’s her first time at everything so it’s expected she’s a little gun shy to take any sort of lead or to make the first moves and the intro’s a bit stuck in first gear I’ll admit, but I think this is so hot. Other websites will just pretend or lie and say it’s a girls first time but here we mean it and Bella would make any girl nervous, tempting that touch, and then alluring her to taste the forbiddeness of lesbian love and shwing!!! It’s more than bone worthy in my book. No over the top theatrical fake love of pussy going on here. Just the real deal and nervous emotions of a girl that’s always wanted to explore her sexuality with another pretty girl and today’s that day. Now I could go on and on and list all her first today but the one tag that illustrates this is her First Time Lesbian tag and that says it all. Everything’s a first. So until next weeks update, cheers.
P.S. Today both girls made each other cum from just tongue action and that’s the true gauge of whether they liked it. Girls just know what feels the best. Sometimes it’s just a soft tongue circling a clit that does the trick and today was a treat for both. Cheers again.
Orgasm Count Totals:
Bella – 4 (26:04, 31:32, 42:22, 57:52)
Eve – 6 (17:19, 21:53, 37:18, 48:26, 51:18, 1:03:35)

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