[Dyked] Penelope Kay, Tiny Rhea (A Break From Dicks / 07.09.2024)


Tiny has been trying to get back to the dating world after her divorce, but sheā€™s not quite there yet. All the guys sheā€™s seen so far are assholes, and her self-esteem is at its lowest point as sheā€™s not confident about her sex appeal. Her younger friend Penelope comes to visit her and tries to reassure her by complimenting her juicy tits. Secretly, she has been longing to taste her bestieā€™s nipples for a while now, but Penelope has only been focusing on guys and hasnā€™t really paid attention to her. However, after noticing the sexual desire in Penelopeā€™s eyes, she decides to make an exception: they can still be friends and fool around. Penelope jumps at the chance of fondling her milfy friend while Tiny finds the perfect excuse to taste her first wet pussy. A horny lesbian session unravels as Tiny and Penelopeā€™s mouths go wild all over each otherā€™s tight bodies, pressing her fingers deep inside each otherā€™s cunts, and using a handy strap-on dildo to enhance the sesh.

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