[DevilsFilm] Katrina Marie (She’s More Stacked Than Her Stepmom! / 06.13.2024)

Angelina Moon is preparing for her upcoming court case when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it and sees Rocket Powers standing on her doorstep, a charming smile on his face. As it turns out, Rocket represents a solar panel company and would like to inquire if Angelina would be interested in cutting costs on her electric bill. Angelina’s not interested at first, but Rocket is as smooth a salesman as they come, so she asks her stepdaughter, Katrina Marie, to give Rocket the details while she gets back to work. As Rocket and Katrina sit on the couch together, Rocket starts finding it hard to concentrate… since Katrina has a massive rack. She’s SO much more stacked than her stepmom, and she knows it. She’s not shy about it either and asks Rocket if he would like to squeeze them. Rocket can’t resist, and starts groping the stepdaughter, which leads to energetic sex right then and there, including plenty of tittyfucking.

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