[CaughtFapping] Vanessa Vega (Christening Our New Home / 06.02.2024)


Vanessa Vega and Robby Apples are in the midst of moving into their new house, with unpacked boxes and unhung canvas strewn across the room. Problem is, the movers are lost, so Robby has to go outside and try to find them. Vanessa’s been a bit frustrated by the whole thing- she just wants everything to arrive so she can decorate and put every little thing in its place. Looking for a way to let out her frustrations, she decides to masturbate while Robby is outside trying to find the movers. This will DEFINITELY calm her down, and get her mind back on the right track. But when Robby comes back in and spots her fapping, he spies on her for a bit before asking her if he can join in for some of the fun. Besides, it’s not like she’s the only one who’s been stressed out- he needs to decompress too!

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