[CaughtFapping] Chanel Camryn, August Skye (Upon Further Reflection / 06.15.2024)

Professional house cleaner Chanel Camryn has just finished up all her tasks for the day, so she decides to take a little break before the homeowner, August Skye, comes home from work. But as she sits down on the couch, she notices an intriguing magazine hidden under one of the pillows. Rifling through it, she stumbles upon a scandalous article called ‘Top Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Solo Sex Life’ and decides to give it a read. One of the methods listed is particularly interesting, involving looking at your pussy in a mirror as you masturbate. Since Chanel just so happens to have a hand mirror available, she decides to give it a try. It proves to be much more enthralling than anticipated, with Chanel loving the sight of her own pussy dripping through her fingers as she watches through the mirror’s reflection. Chanel gets so carried away, in fact, that she doesn’t even realize when August comes home and spots her. August doesn’t make her presence known, however, opting to spy on Chanel. But when Chanel and August’s eyes meet in the mirror’s reflection, the cat is out of the bag and Chanel apologizes profusely. August’s not angry, though… if anything, she’s VERY turned on, and willing to do some very naughty stuff with her dirty little housecleaner.

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