[CaughtFapping] Anna Claire Clouds (Hand Jive / 06.10.2024)

In a charming diner in the 1950s, Anna Claire Clouds is a beautiful waitress. She greets a new customer, Victor Ray, and invites him to take a seat. After taking Victorā€™s order, Anna makes some small talk with him, and it becomes clear that Victor is a loner and a rebel, riding his motorcycle wherever he pleases. Anna seems to find him fascinating. As Anna bustles around the diner, Victor canā€™t help but notice how incredibly sexy she looks in her short skirtā€¦ especially from behind. While Anna is busy in the kitchen, Victor starts jerking off, but then Anna suddenly returns, and ends up catching sight of Victor doing the ā€˜hand jiveā€™! After recovering from her shock, Anna becomes impressed with how big Victorā€™s dick is. Victor is pleased, and offers that she can take it for a spin. Anna eagerly accepts, and they have sex right there in the diner!

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