[BlacksOnBlondes] River Lynn (Double Saussage BBQ For River Lynn / 06.21.2024)

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Things are not looking good for this evening’s bbq party when Chocolate God tries to spark up the grill. Damn thing is busted. Rob Piper has 20 pounds of chicken, 10 pounds of shrimp and 40 pounds of tri tip to grill up – and they have four hours till guests start arriving. They have to get a BBQ repair man out and fast. Salvation arrives in the guise of a big bootied blonde who gets right in on fixing up the old grill. Faster than you can chow down a wing she’s got it up and going. The BBQ has been saved. She let’s the men know her favorite thing to have at a BBQ are sausages and not the ones on the grill. You see, blonde strumpet River Lynn likes her sausages big and straight from the underwear. Soon enough she has two trouser snakes in her sweaty little hands as she gets to scarfing down like any self respecting American babe would. Knowing they have to get this girl off fast so they can get to work on the party our heroes bring her inside for a bit of hot beef injection as they take turns dropping their sausages into her dripping wet party hole. Slurping and a grunting, River is in slut heaven. These massive cocks are a fantasy cum true for our BBQ savior. Orgasm after orgasm lights her clit-nition stick as she pumps one out after another. Soon it’s time to baste the little fuck piggy with a special heaping steaming helping of a special sauce fit for a world class slut – we’re talking man juice. All over her face it drips as she beams in delight for another day just out helping the world.

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