[BananaFever] Melody Marks (My Livestream Fuck Session with Melody Marks – 1/2 / 06.20.2024)


Today, Melody Marks and I hosted a livestream fuck session for our fans. This is our pre-livestream fuck session. I fucked her twice LOL. Why? Because every time I work with Melody Marks, I tend to cum faster than usual! Fuck LMAO! Livestream session is a bit hard for me to host since I don’t show my dam face LOL. But I will be doing livestream more because my fans love watching it. It’s more authentic and real, just more work for me though and that’s ok! Stay tuned for more. For a no-face guy like me, it’s a lot harder to succeed in porn. Lots of people talk shit about me for not showing face LOL. It’s all good haha. I want to focus on the girls and users experience.

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