[BackroomCastingCouch] Sage King (How We Fucked The Bar Girl / 06.18.2024)

Tall and tasty Sage is our next lucky applicant ready for the casting couch. Sage is 19, and somehow works at a bar… She’s tall, sexy, and she’s doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get fucked. She arrives giving goth-chic vibes, and she is pulling it off very well. Check out those sweet cheeks peeking out from under that much too short skirt. Next, Rick invites her to have a seat on the couch and we get to know her. She’s got some good stories, sexy stories. She hasn’t been with a ton of people at 19, but she’s experienced enough. She’s into getting it a bit rougher. Hair pulling, a little bit of praise/degrade vibe. Real sexy stuff. When it’s time to see her body, she’s more than happy to show us her stuff. She looks good standing there in that sexy thong, that little bit of fur poking through. Gotta love those tight teenage bodies. She gets to play with some toys for us on camera, and inserts a buttplug before Rick finally reveals to her what’s coming next. After some questions about legality… “trust us, this is all totally legit ;)”, she’s convinced and on to sucking my cock. We’ve had a really good run these past few weeks with these young nymphos. Sage falls into the same category. She knows how she likes it, and I try to oblige. We get some really good passionate fucking on the floor and couch. She’s perfect for the biz, a gal who just wants to get used and fucked. It also works to our advantage when it’s time to fuck her ass. Well we’re already here… nice. Her ass is fucking fantastic. I keep saying it, but nothing like a slutty teen. I fuck her face and she happily eats my ass, because she’s just that much of a pleaser. Hell, her pussy even gets soaked when I call her a good little whore. I finish her off by bending her over the desk and getting balls deep in her ass while her little feet just flop around. If I remember correctly, we give her a nice anal orgasm just before I pop back over to the pussy for a nice creampie finish. Her pussy was just so grippy. All of this got her so super turned that she even gets a little taste of my dripping cum. The camera gets a great view of the damage from her anal adventure, while she’s still just queefin’ and drippin’. Finally, Rick explains the next step, which is her getting dressed and leaving, without any sort of compensation of course. I think for her, getting slightly roughed up by a stranger today was all the payment she needed.

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