[BackroomCastingCouch] Bella (The Preacher’s Daughter / 06.11.2024)


My goodness friends, we’ve got a real treat this week – 21 year old student, Bella. From jump street I’m gonna say this could be one of our finest castings. The second this girl walks in, she’s a ray of sunshine. She’s tall and petite at the same time, and just naturally beautiful. On the couch, she’s as adorable as you’d expect. She’s a preacher’s daughter, and you know how that goes. They’re either the goody-two shoes type, or complete degenerates. This one is the latter… However, she’s very hesitant. You’d never guess how filthy we’re gonna get with the preacher’s daughter today, and this is one of those special castings that I don’t wanna ruin with too much blah blah blah. So here are some of the highlights. She lived a sheltered life, so now she’s off the chain doing her thang. She’s pretty new to anal, she’s tried it once or twice, but nothing like what we’re about to do. When we finally get down to business after seeing that sexy body and the toy play it’s amazing. She’s such a pleaser, she’s got such a tight little body. She sucks me and fucks me, and takes my cock all over the office, and she’s loving every second of it. The anal is of course just as awesome as you think it’d be. After lubing that sweet tight hole, I finally get to give her a proper ass fucking. She even gives us that no hands ass to mouth like the good girl she is. I knew I wanted to get a huge gape outta Bella today, so I figured the piledriver was the best way to go. When she learns about the piledriver, her face just lights up ! …Even though she has no idea what it is, which is another reason we just love her. She soon finds out what it is when her ankles are behind her ears and her panties stuffed in her mouth. Her facial expressions are so sexy, so is the big smile on her face when she gets her first proper gape. After some more buttfucking in the chair she gets her first anal creampie. When asked if she usually lets guys come in her ass, she says, this is the longest she’s ever done anal with that sexy smile on her face. When we get back to the couch and get her to show off her freshly fucked asshole, turns out there’s a little cum left hidding. After getting dressed, we get her out post-haste, she does have that dinner with her parents.

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