[2Poles1Hole] Riley Jacobs (06.08.2024)


Picking up on a tasty closeup of where we left off, Riley is pleasuring herself with the wand to get ready for her FIRST DOUBLE VAG on video! The guys waste no time in descending upon Riley from either side, first helping her remove her shoes while she continues to probe progressively deeper and deeper with that wand. Soon she won’t need hardware as she’ll get an organic double-dicking from two real, throbbing cocks. Gyrating fingers soon replace the vibrator as Riley’s hips start grinding to the rhythm. Jaxson concentrates on kissing the lips on Riley’s face while Chris works on the other pair. As she gets her naughty bits orally serviced, she repays the favor by putting her mouth on Jaxson’s rod. Riley likes to tease the tip with her tongue before she introduces the length to her throat. Her oral pleasing of her studs subtlety turns into a spit-roast before it’s time for a Riley ride to loosen up her tight hole for those two big cocks. Jaxson rears around to the back to slide his shaft up Riley’s happy hole with Chris’s for her FIRST D.V.! Look at the mischievous smile combined with the look of ecstasy on Riley’s face as she stretches to take those two dicks in her pussy for the first time. Remember how in her interview Riley said her biggest talent was giving head? She proves it as Jaxson and Chris flank her and Riley sinks both cocks down to the hilt individually before giving her FIRST DOUBLE-BARREL BJ! After she gets back up on the bed for another double serving of dick, Riley shows us she’s also a SQUIRTER. Surprise! Now with all that natural lubrication, Riley is ready for more D.V. in reverse cowgirl. Those two ramrods ease right into her as her athletic thighs twitch to the rhythm of the pumps for her first orgasm. Next it’s time for a DRIVE-BY as Riley’s studs stand side-by-side at the corner of the bed and thrust into her simultaneously. It’s one more round of reverse and regular cowgirl D.V. before the guys start dropping loads in Riley’s sensually stretched hole. Jaxson drops the first creampie in Riley’s pussy before Chris puts another one on top of it, leaving Riley’s pussy a beautiful, cum-filled mess. Should this wholesome hotwife bring her hole back for another double filling? Load up those comments just like Riley got loaded up and we’ll see about getting her back on the bed for 2Poles1HOle!

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